How did Van Reybrouck know about lottocracy?

On Sunday, September 29th 2013 in a Dutch TV series named Buitenhof the word Lottocracy (Dutch: lottocracy), although casually, for the first time was used in public in Holland. There was an interview with David Van Reybrouck about his new book ‘Against elections’. Great, that the idea of ​​Lottocracy was mentioned for the first time in the Dutch media. The broadcast can be viewed by clicking below:

However, van Reybrouck did not mention in the program nor in his book, that the idea of ​​lottocracy has already been discussed extensively in the book ‘The World Solution for World Problems’, especially in the chapter ‘A Concept for Government’. The book was already published in 1988. The book is available as an electronic book at:

The book can also be read directly on Internet at the address:
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