Morena has another round of sortition of congressional candidates

In 2015 the National Regeneration Movement (Spanish: Movimiento Regeneración Nacional, MORENA), a left-wing political party in Mexico, first selected some of its congressional candidates via allotment among activists. It is now repeating this procedure. Interestingly, while Morena was a relatively small party in 2015, winning about 8.5% of the votes and 47 seats out of […]

Morena allots its candidacies for the multi-member congressional districts reports: The fortunes of 3000 Morena activists, previously elected in 300 district assemblies, was determined yesterday in a lottery. In this way the party led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador selected two thirds of its multi-member congressional district candidates. Afterwards the Morena national council appointed outsiders – academics, human rights defenders, writers and rural […]

Morena has selected its pool for sortition of congressional candidates

The Informador reports: Morena chooses three thousand applicants to draw nominations Party leader Marti Batres says district assemblies concluded without incident MEXICO CITY (01/FEB/2015) The leader of the National Regeneration Movement party (Morena), Marti Batres, said that on Sunday 300 district assemblies concluded “without incident” the selection of three thousand applicants for the 200 slots […]

El partido mejicano Morena seleccionará candidatos para el Congreso y los ayuntamientos por sorteo

Morena — Movimiento Regeneración Nacional— es un nuevo partido mejicano de izquierdas fundado por Andrés Manuel López Obrador que en 2006 y 2012 concurrió sin éxito como candidato a la presidencia de México representando al PRD, uno de los dos partidos más importantes del país. En lo que parece ser el uso más significativo del […]

Batres: Morena will select congressional candidates by sortition

Morena – Movimiento Regeneración Nacional, National Regeneration Movement – is a new left-leaning political party in Mexico. Morena was founded by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), who was a presidential candidate for the PRD, one of the two major parties in Mexico, in 2006 and 2012 – losing both bids. In what seems to be […]

2015 review – sortition-related events

This is a review of notable sortition-related events of the year 2015. Brett Hennig wrote to mention citizens’ assembly pilots and the Irish constitutional assembly which led to the marriage equality vote. In my mind the two most notable sortition-related events of 2015 were: In Mexico, the Morena party allotted of some of its congressional […]