Luck of the Draw – a screenplay

Posted as a comment by Ronald Mercer (coach1640280)

Narrative description:

Time: Not too distant future.
Setting: America after the second democratic revolution.
America has undergone a second democratic revolution where the constitution was significantly altered to adjust to new global economic, climate, and security (terrorism) conditions.
A constitutional convention was held. A new congress was formed, among other things, keeping the basic congressional house structure and reforming the senate by making it a chamber of 300 sortitioned senators serving 5 year terms.

Cast of possible Characters:

Starting term newly sortitioned senator characters:
Incarcerated Felon
Young mother with young children
Elderly person
Drug addict
Hippie (this is Hollywood)
Mentally challenged dependent person
Spanish speaking person
College student
Blue collar worker
Small business person
Military, armed services person
Retired social worker

Establishment characters:
US President speaking at orientation
Government person in charge of orientation and life adjustment of new sortitioned senators.
Scientist/mathematician, under the judicial branch, in charge of unbiased and fair sortition selection process
Retired sortition senator volunteers
Current serving sortition senators
Cabinet level political scientist and senate liaison/administrator

Possible Scenes:

Home of new sortitioned senator:
New senator just receives word of selection to office.
Character struggles with the details of serving.
Will he/she accept the post?
How will he/she cope with this responsibility?
How will move be accomplished? Where will the move go?
Can this person do the job? Self doubt and courage.

Arrival in Washington:
Senator select goes to Washington.
Meets other senator selects.
Meets with government administrators in charge of orientation and life adjustment.
Checks out Washington accommodations, housing, transportation, and lifestyle.

First meeting with 60 member senator select caucus.
Chief administrator addresses senators select caucus
US President addresses incoming senator select caucus.
Cabinet level political scientist talks rules and ethics, briefly.

Starting 3rd year:
Senator select becomes junior senator select.

Starting 4th year:
Junior senator becomes senior senator select.

Retirement (after five year term):
Returning home
Talking of: experience and accomplishments.
Talking of: where life continues after Washington.

Year six:
New incoming senator select caucus.


3 Responses

  1. Corporate Common Sense (Safety First!)

    Corporations claim to be democratic. Investors have proxy for corporate control.

    Not! Corporations are managed by small power elites. Corporate structure is classic oligarchy. A CEO and governing board is classic oligarchy. “You’re fired!” Corporations operate exclusively under this business plan.

    There is room for improvement. Remember? We are in recession. There is AIG, Enron, and now Massy (Safety First!) Energy. This is result of failing corporate business models.

    Corporations can benefit from an invention of ancient Greek democracy. The ancient Greeks sortitioned their leadership from the citizenry. This is leadership empowerment by lottery, appointed by allotment. This method “reigns in” oligarchy and guarantees a heavy dose of unbiased common sense.

    Corporations want Washington government out of their business? Corporations must govern themselves better. How about a guarantee of “common sense” in the business model? Sortitioned leadership is unbiased oversight, corporate revitalization, and a healthy dose of common sense.

    Corporations install a “second chamber” of governance, as a check and balance, on the current oligarchy. A chamber of shareholders, by weighted ownership, is sortitioned. (chosen by lot) The chamber is empowered with half the governing influence of the current corporate power structure. Of course, board and corporate officers are not part of the sortitioned chamber.

    Before a corporation gallivants off on some unknown high risk venture or ignores safety protocol, approval of a “common sense” sortitioned assembly is required.

    Corporations need a new business model to eliminate the Enron/AIG, and now Massy (Safety First!) Energy scandals and grief.

    Just a suggestion.


  2. Reorganize Leadership Now

    Americans have a love affair with oligarchy leadership. Everything in America is organized like an oligarchy. We have elections and elect people. The first thing our elected officials do when they get into office is organize a panel, committee, or bureaucracy structured like a pyramid, like an oligarchy. Oligarchy leadership is America’s primary form of organization for business and government endeavors.

    Our businesses, churches, unions, corporations, and governments are all lead by small power elite group leadership. Our city governments have a single council chamber and hired elite professionals. Our state governor offices are organized oligarchies. Our federal presidency is a humongous bureaucracy and oligarchy. The US senate has a filibuster rule that puts the senate on “auto pilot” oligarchy for extended lengths of time. The justice system is a huge pyramid of local, state, and federal courts, headed by, of course, the tippy-top of the pyramid, a supreme court.

    How Americans love these pyramids! How Americans love oligarchy leadership! How we empower this leadership! We love to organize, watch, check and balance, climb up and down, match fights between, create, and destroy oligarchies. It is a past time greater than any sport or recreational passion.

    One could easily come to believe oligarchy is the end-all and be-all of human organization. It’s not. There are alternatives. Democratic elected officials mitigate oligarchy and cronyism. This works until elected officials themselves create new government oligarchy organizations, bureaucracies, pyramids, and flow charts. Democratic elections mitigate oligarchy until the election process itself becomes “operationalized”, wrapped in red tape, gerrymandered, or stolen by moneyed interests. Americans love Robert Michels and his “iron law of oligarchy”, although unlikely knowing anything about it.

    Our businesses, churches, corporations, unions, and governments fail too often. Oligarchy leadership fails too much. This is causing astonishing unrest throughout the nation. This is essentially because Robert Michels and his “iron law of oligarchy is playing out.

    There is another leadership selection tool for businesses, churches, corporations, unions, and governments. Like elections, this leadership selection tool mitigates oligarchy tendencies, but better. Sortition is antithesis to oligarchy. Sortition guarantees “grass roots” selection. Sortition guarantees “common sense” for our businesses, churches, corporations, unions, and governments.

    Sortitioned leadership is unbiased oversight and revitalization with a healthy dose of common sense. Common sense works. Common sense built America. Two hundred years later, the constitution is still an impressively short and common sense document. Common sense leadership is the leadership of the future.

    Sortition is leadership empowerment by lottery or allotment. Like elections, this tool finds grass roots and common sense leadership, but better. It mathematically and scientifically duplicates, in smaller leadership chambers, the larger America. It does not discriminate, period. This is to say it does not discriminate by gender, ethnic, economic, religious, or political viewpoint. It goes a big step further. It also creates representation of “experience”, “education”, “intelligence”, “beauty”, and “charisma” mathematically equal in proportion to the general population. Sortition finds 100% grass roots America. Sortition finds the bottom line naked America and the common sense no-holds-barred America.

    America, reorganize your leadership systems. Distance yourself from the failures and grief of oligarchy. Empower a sortitioned chamber in your business, church, corporation, union, or government. Add a chamber of grass roots and common sense leadership and let it work. Watch this revised leadership reduce failure, increase fairness, and succeed facing the future.

    Citizen is coach to team democracy. Coach is responsible for success. It’s your call, coach.


  3. A Renaissance of Corporate and Union Structure

    American corporate systems are failing the American people and workforce. American unions are failing the American people and workforce. As a result, America is losing political and economic world leadership.

    This is because corporations are fundamentally undemocratic. Corporations are managed by small power elites. This is classic oligarchy governance. A CEO and governing board is classic oligarchy governance. “You’re fired!” is classic oligarchy governance. Oligarchy is antithesis to democracy. Corporations fail from undemocratic governance.

    Unions are fundamentally undemocratic. Unions are managed by small power elected elites. Unions use classic oligarchy governance methodology. Oligarchy is antithesis to democracy. Unions fail from undemocratic governance.

    Corporate and union assets, when merged seamlessly into a single business enterprise, benefits that enterprise twice. Business needs oligarchy. Business also needs democracy. Merging oligarchy and democracy results in a stronger, more vibrant, more dynamic, and more productive business enterprise.

    American corporations and unions can benefit from an invention of ancient Greek democracy. Ancient Greeks sortitioned leadership from the citizenry. This is leadership empowered and appointed by lottery (allotment).

    A new enterprise is formed consisting of a “second chamber” of governance, as check and balance to another chamber of classic corporate management. A sortitioned chamber of employees is empowered with half the governing influence of the classic corporate management chamber. A two chamber, two approval, congress-like governance is initiated. Of course, board and corporate officers are not part of the sortitioned chamber.

    This business model benefits from the advantages of an oligarchy (classic management) and a democracy (sortitioned chamber of employees). This structure is not entirely “union” and not entirely “management”. It is a functioning hybrid taking advantage of oligarchy and democratic strengths.

    This business model is a revolutionary reform of corporate business structure. This structure is robust enough to confront a new millennium, world competition, political, economic, and cultural challenges.

    Citizen is coach to team democracy. Coach is responsible for success. It’s your call, coach.


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