A grave lottery

This is something I’ve never heard of before! Even in death, where you finish up can be a lottery. I suppose it makes sense.

Malden near Boston MA will release 60 new grave-sites firstly to local residents who apply. The winners, who will have to pay $5,710 per grave-site, will be chosen by a lottery.

Details (from a local news-site) are:

“The following notice is provided by the Malden Cemetery Board of Trustees: Forest Dale Cemetery Pre-Sale: The City of Malden Cemetery Board of Trustees has approved the construction of 120 double deep grave sites at the Forest Dale Cemetery. This project will begin within 60 days. The Board will pre-sell at least 50% of the sites using a lottery system. The Board of Trustees has set two restrictions for those wishing to participate in this lottery system. The first restriction, which is a current requirement, is that you must be a current resident of the City of Malden for the past five (5) years. The other requirement is that you must have lived in Malden for a period of forty (40) years during your lifetime. These forty (40) years DO NOT HAVE TO BE CONSECUTIVE. The lottery selections will be subject to all rules set by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will have the final ruling in all matters pertaining to this lottery.

You may submit your name by e-mail to jcahill@cityofmalden.org, or by letter, addressed to the Forest Dale Cemetery, 150 Forest St., Malden, 02148. When corresponding please state your current and former years as a resident of the City of Malden. Please do not come to the cemetery in person because you can only register for the lottery by e-mail or letter. The close out date for applying to the lottery will be August 31, 2010. The drawing will be held September 21, 2010. Again, all decisions concerning eligibility and compliance with pre-sale requirements and inclusions in the lottery shall be reserved to the City of Malden Cemetery Board of Trustees. The estimated cost for a lot is $5,710 all-inclusive and payment is expected 30 days after notification.”

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