Poll finds most Americans think their government is a plutocracy

A poll taken in May asked some pointed questions about who people feel controls government and benefits from its policies. The answers were in line with previous findings.

CBS News Poll. May 20-23, 2011. N=1,020 adults nationwide.

“How much say do you think people like yourself have about what the government does: a good deal, some, or not much?”

A good deal Some Not much Unsure
% 9 21 69 1

“Who do you think benefits most from the policies of the federal government: the rich, the middle class, the poor, or do they all benefit equally?”

Rich Middle class Poor All equally No one (vol.) Unsure
% 66 4 12 10 2 6

“Do you think most members of Congress are more interested in serving the people they represent, or more interested in serving special interest groups?”

People Interest groups Unsure
% 13 80 7

“Do you think [see below] has/have too much influence, too little influence, or about the right amount of influence on American life and politics today?”

% Too much About right Too little Unsure
“Large corporations” 75 13 7 5
“Special interest groups” 71 11 9 9
“Labor unions” 36 26 30 8
“The National Rifle Association” 28 41 17 14
“Planned Parenthood” 22 34 30 14
“People like yourself” 1 12 85 2

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