3rd Paris Sortition Conference

The third sortition conference will take place on May 24-25 at CEVIPOF, Science-Po, Paris. Programme:

Gil Delannoi, Update on the research programme
Bernard Manin, Principles of Representative Government revisited
Keith Sutherland, The triumph of election: Natural right or wrong?
Andrei Poama, Virtues and limits of judicial luck: Reasons for randomising the choice of jurors and verdicts


I’d greatly appreciate advance feedback on my own paper which challenges Manin’s central argument as to why sortition hasn’t been considered as a candidate for representative government.

3 Responses

  1. Will there be any podcasting or video for those of us living on the wrong end of the planet ?


  2. Not sure, will have a word with Gil


  3. No podcast will be provided. Working papers should be posted after the conference. The first session of our programme (“Sortition and direct democracy”, October 2011) is to be posted in the coming days.


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