Ordinary citizens? Are you crazy?

Harvard Magazine has an article about Lawrence Lessig’s reform proposals. Lessig has been promoting his proposal for “democracy vouchers”, but it turns out that he has another proposal to make – a Constitutional Convention selected by sortition:

[Lessig] writes: “I recognize that of all the insanity strewn throughout this book, this will strike readers as the most extreme. Ordinary citizens? Are you crazy? Proposing amendments to our Constitution? When two-thirds of Americans can’t even identify what the Bill of Rights is?”

4 Responses

  1. Let’s welcome this influential voice to the diverse chorus of sortitionists all around the globe ;-)


  2. Yes. I wrote to him to urge him to make sortition more central to his reform proposals.


  3. Lessig tweeted recently:

    #aMemeYouMustKnow: sortition


  4. […] Chouard (and here, here, and here), Lawrence Lessig, David Chaum, Jacques Rancière, Clive Aslet, Jim Gilliam, Loïc Blondiaux, and Andrew Dobson and […]


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