And Now for Something Completely Different…

There’s apparently a fictional newspaper online called the Mammalian Daily, which purports to cover the lives of a bunch of animals living in a zoo. Apparently, the animal leaders of the zoo are selected by sortition. See…

It is, however, a stratified sample by category of animal. We don’t want a ruling body dominated by amphibians, after all.

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  1. As the lottery is compulsory it gets my vote (so to speak):

    >By the end of October each year, all adult Park citizens are required to submit and confirm their names


  2. Great blog you have! Wish I’d found it before. My own interest in sortition began when I studied Classics in university. I’ve thought for a long time that we should bring it back.

    Thanks so much for linking to The Mammalian Daily. (The animals live in an urban park, by the way, not a zoo, but no worries). It’s so nice when people understand it!

    I’ll try to shield the Amphibians from your comment, though.


  3. If, before sortition, there is stratification along “objective” lines, and the same number of “archons” by class without considering the size of the classes, we get something far from conventional democracy, and far from the “mirror representation” which is often linked to sortition.
    Let’s imagine the United States governed by twenty archons chosen by lot from the “rich people” (upper 10 %), twenty from poor people (lower 20 %), twenty from middle (remaining 70 %); or by twenty archons chosen by lot among “whites”, twenty among “blacks”, twenty among “others”…


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