Ahmed R. Teleb writes:

The more I explore Equality By Lot the more I’m impressed by the quantity of information and the quality of the discussions.

When Yoram linked to some informative posts from 2 and 3 years ago, I realized that a lot of the work you Kleroterians are doing is virtually invisible on the Internet. I know it because months ago I actively searched and only happened upon one or two posts.

There are some quick, easy remedies for the issue. Here are three.

First, “tags” help posts appear in search results. For example the page we’re on should not only be filed under its current “categories” but it should also include tags taken from the post itself and words that someone is likely to search under. On this post, “direct democracy, deep democracy, participatory democracy, electoral systems, alternatives to elections, sortition, selection by lot, sortition in the judiciary, experts and democracy, representation, etc….” The more the better. You can create a template of recurring “tags” and then adjust it to the particular post by adding or deleting.

Second, a “@Kleroterians” or “@EbyL” on Twitter could spread the word about new posts from and anything that you would like out to the general public. If you’d like, I could to set-up and (co)manage either account, and to spread word through my own social media circles as well.

Third, is the easiest. This blog should have a .com or .org. It costs $10 for the first $5 for the second. To keep everything the same, i.e. have the url changed (redirected) WP asks $13/year. It is something to consider, that would make it just a bit easier for someone to find EbyL or to type it into a browser.

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  1. Ahmed,

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and for your offer to contribute your time and effort. I share your desire to reach the widest audience. I have been talking and writing to anybody I thought might be interested. Although I think the idea is making slow progress, I found that it is difficult to get much attention. This is bad enough, but knowing that even people who are actively interested in related ideas are unable to find relevant articles is doubly frustrating.

    The first two ideas that you suggest I have never considered. I’ll certainly try adding some tags to my posts and see if there is any indication that this yields increased search references. I’d also be happy if you follow up on your idea of setting up a twitter account promoting our ideas and/or using other social networks for this purpose.

    Regarding the idea of paying for our own domain: this I have considered and decided against, not so much because of the expense (which is too small to be a consideration), but because I thought that it serves no real purpose other than vanity. If, however, there is a reason to think that doing so would make the content easier to discover I would probably do it.

    By the way, in the recent past I set up an advertising campaign for Equality-by-Lot on Google. It ran for a few months but yielded no results as far as I could tell, so I stopped it.


  2. I have written two feature-length screenplays based on the premise of sortitional selection of a legislature.
    One is a magical-realist political comedy — for art house distribution.
    The other is a more mainstream political adventure.
    The latter was professionally ‘covered’ recently with a high rating. The former is awaiting coverage.
    Should any one have access to production companies who might have an interest in these, please contact me.


  3. I think the Twitter feed idea is a very good one (even though I do not tweet myself.) I’m all for this, and would be delighted if Ahmed would be willing to help make this happen.


  4. Yoram, I sent you an email re Twitter a couple of days ago. As for this page, I think it should be deleted once all the Kleroterians had a look at it. It would not be useful for the general public.

    @Kleroterian needs a foreground and background pic. It would be great to use the same background as the header of EbyL. For the foreground, my first attempt will be to find a picture of a circle or a round table to symbolize equality and deliberation.

    Could someone send a link to the header of this page? I will try to download first and see if that works.


  5. With respect to registering the domain name. I strongly recommend it because many people access the web using mobile devices, where just a few more letters “wordpress” in a url can discourage them from visiting the site often.


  6. That last comment was me, don’t know why it appeared as anon?!


  7. Thanks, Ahmed. I got the email and sent you the image I used for the blog header.


  8. @CommonLotSortitionist I would love to have a look at the play in the near future. Currently I am taking part in a project, with the creator of Mr. Tillerman’s World, on a (life-size) puppet theatre piece that will probably take up any of my free time for the next six months. If the puppetry works out well, I’ll have a group ready to go. If you’re ok with us modifying the script, I could look into incorporating it into the piece we are currently working on, which will certainly have “magical-realist” elements. You can find my contact info at


  9. My short tribute to Common Lot Productions:
    Let’s spread the word about what David is doing!


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