The Vergne lotteries literature database

Antoine Vergne has shared his database of lotteries related literature. The database currently contain 365 items touching on a variety of topics related to distribution-by-lot and sortition, covering theory, practice, history and advocacy, and ranging in time from antiquity to the present.

For those who are interested to access the list, it is available in bibliographical format and as a report.

The database is managed as a Zotero library. Readers who wish to help manage and extend the database are invited to leave contact information below or to email me (the address is here).

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  1. From this bib I just learned that the 1683 constitution of east new Jersey used sorption in article III. This is the only colonial use of sortition I have ever heard of!


  2. Terry, have you read Oliver Dowlen’s section “Sortition and the American proprietary colonies”? — pp. 152-62 in The Political Potential of Sortition


  3. An excellent resource, although it definitely looks like there are some items missing. The list contains my book THE LUCK OF THE DRAW, and my earlier dissertation of the same name, but not my more recent anthology LOTTERIES IN PUBLIC LIFE: A READER (Imprint Academic, 2011). Admittedly, the anthology contains previously-published papers, but the critical introduction I wrote is new.

    My most recent publications dealing with lotteries:

    “Non-Reasoned Decision-Making.” Economics & Philosophy 30:2 (July 2014): 195-214.

    “Access to Higher Education by the Luck of the Draw.” Comparative Education Review 57, no. 3 (August 2013): 577-599.

    “A Renaissance for Random Selection?” Redescriptions 16 (2012-2013): 125-136.

    “Varieties of Indeterminacy.” International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences 6:7 (2012): 107-116.

    “Three Arguments for Lotteries.” Social Science Information 49, no. 2 (June 2010): 147-163.

    “Lotteries, Justice, and Probability.” Journal of Theoretical Politics, 21, no. 3 (July 2009), 395-409.

    With Gil Delannoi and Oliver Dowlen. “The Lottery as a Democratic Institution.” Studies in Public Policy 28. Dublin: The Policy Institute, Trinity College Dublin, July 2013.

    And here’s a few working papers dealing with lotteries:

    “Many Voices, Different Voices.” In Gil Delannoi, ed. Direct Democracy and Sortition. Les Cahiers du CEVIPOF, no. 56, April 2012. Available online at

    “The Concept of Picking.” Working Paper No. 50, Political Concepts: A Working Paper Series of the Committee on Concepts and Methods, International Political Science Association, May 2011.

    “Lotteries, Education, and Opportunity.” Manuscript, the Equality Exchange. Posted April 4, 2009.

    “Conceptualizing Lotteries.” Working Paper No. 16, Political Concepts: A Working Paper Series of the Committee on Concepts and Methods, International Political Science Association, September 2007.

    Hope that’s of some interest. Happy to provide URLs if needed for any of these.


  4. Dear all,

    Yes, it definitively is outdated as I stopped filling it as I ended my PhD back in 2011.

    So we have to cooperate to update it and to better it !

    And a second comment: you will see some Tags attached to the different texts. This is my system of classification of the texts. I will post (next week) a clarification of what these tags mean and we may decide to update the tag list if relevant.

    Peter, thank you for your first update.



  5. […] An item from the Vergne bibliography: […]


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