Down with Elections! Part 3


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Examples of the Legislation in Action

How might all this work in practice? Let us consider some examples.

Example 1: The Passage of a Proposal by a Private Citizen

Suppose Bill Brown decides that Watchamacallit Bay is over-fished. He writes a letter to the Assembly:

Dear Sirs and Madams,

Watchamacallit Bay is hopelessly overfished, when I was a kid there was fish everywhere, now its DEAD!!! Theres no fish left!

Fishing should be banned in Watchamacallit Bay.

Yours etc, Bill Brown

He receives a reply in warm, friendly, bureaucratic style from the Proposals Committee:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Proposal to ban fishing in Watchamacallit Bay.

The Proposals Committee has received your proposal, and thanks you for it.

Proposal Number: 2050/456789 (please quote this reference in correspondence)

Status of proposal: Pending. (You will be informed of changes to the status.)

Current Regulations in force concerning this matter, or which may be affected:
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Sortition Foundation: a new campaign for government by sortition

Last week a new campaign was launched to demand government by sortition.


Its aim is to promote sortition and build a movement demanding the replacement of elections with sortition.


To support or promote it, visit, like it on Facebook: or follow it on Twitter @SortitionNow

For more information, or to give feedback or offer to help, please use
the contact page:

[Editor’s note: this post was modified after posting as the group changed its name]