Call for 2015 review input

This is the yearly call for input for the year’s end review. As in previous years, I would like to have a post or two summarizing the ongoings here at Equality-by-Lot and notable sortition-related events over the passing year. Any input about what should be included is welcome – either through comments below or via email.

Again, I suggest having some sort of an award for sortition-related activity, advocacy, or writing, where the awardee is selected by a vote among Equality-by-Lot readers. Nominations are hereby solicited as well.

For previous years’ summaries see: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010.

3 Responses

  1. One event and one outcome were the most exciting for me:
    – the event: (which was actually two events!)
    – the outcome: “The Irish vote for marriage equality started at a constitutional convention” from (ok, the convention was only 66% sortition, but impressive none-the-less I think)
    Of course every year the newDemocracy Foundation continue to hold multiple, policy-changing sortition events in Australia…
    Just my thoughts, of course. Brett

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  2. Thanks. I’ve gotten way behind with my Kleroterians blog reading, but I generally find the discussions useful and challenging.

    Government may well have to make U-turns on policies once in a while, but ignoring due legislative process; improper timetabling of new Bills; overuse of secondary legislation i.e. statutory instruments, or crafty use of vocab are issues that could be prevented.

    These are events I attended in November where I raised the subject of Equality-by-Lot & our *Constitution to Outreach personnel, an economist/column writer & author, and fellow attendees:

    1. Houses of Commons; Parliamentary Outreach Event ‘Do we get the
    Politicians we deserve?’
    2. Castle Debates ‘Last Tango in Paris’. Roger Harrabin (BBC), Chair
    3. *FT Southwark Bridge: FTMoney – An evening with John Kay.

    It will be great to see what others are doing

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  3. […] Hennig wrote to mention citizens’ assembly pilots and the Irish constitutional assembly which led to the […]


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