Talking Democracy on Talking History

I recently appeared on the Irish Radio show “Talking History.” I was part of a discussion of democracy with Paul Cartledge, the esteemed classicist; Roslyn Fuller, whose work has been discussed on this blog; and Iain Walker, from New Democracy in Australia. Much discussion of Athens and sortition. The show can be heard here:

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  1. Peter, Roslyn,

    Listening to the show I liked how all of you made the point that Athenians would hardly call the modern elections-based system democratic. I thought, however, that it was unfortunate that there was no sense of urgency on the need to democratize the modern system. Iain Walker, for example, brought up the rise of the parliament as a counter-weight to the monarchy. This was, however, a very protracted affair. Are we really going to be waiting for hundreds of years before substantial democratic power becomes part of the modern political system?


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