Sortition theory and practice: the G1000 comes to the UK

The End of Politicians screeenshotThe “short, powerfully argued and carefully researched” book The End of Politicians, by Sortition Foundation co-founder Brett Hennig, is now 75% funded and well on the way to being published by the crowdfunding publisher, Unbound. You can help get this book to 100% and get published by pledging and pre-ordering it here:

And the ideas in the book are on the way to becoming a reality – on the 10th and 11th of June Harm van Dijk and Jerphaas Donner, the founders of the G1000 in the Netherlands, are coming to the UK to help launch the G1000 in the UK. The aim of the G1000 is to bring a representative, random selection of people from a community together to deliberate about what they think is most important for their community.

Two open public meetings with Harm and Jerphaas will be held where you can find out more about these exciting events:

  • Cambridge, from 7-9pm, on Friday 10th June (venue TBC)
  • London, from 2-4pm, on Saturday 11th June (venue also TBC)

See for more information.

Sortition Foundation membership: the Sortition Foundation is a member-driven organisation and as such is actively seeking members who would like to see sortition become more than just words. By becoming a member today you will not only be eligible for random selection to the Sortition Foundation strategy and direction events, but you will support the G1000 in the UK and help us do democracy differently.

[This post is from the Sortition Foundation blog:]

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