Kialo discussion on lottery is a website featuring a form of debate that is unlike most discussion platforms on the internet. Instead of the usual bulletin format – where debates are often repeated, trolls derail discussions and things can get rather emotional – Kialo focuses on a tree structure. Each argument has pros and cons hanging beneath it. This has the benefit of being concise, the argument following a logical pattern and things tend to stay more focused.

Here’s a short video on how it functions.


The reason for bringing this up, is that a new debate has started on lottery: Lottery should be an integral component of democratic political systems. Bring in arguments of your own! Let’s debate the issue.

4 Responses

  1. Neat and well executed, at first sight. The only visible gap: Is there an weighting, aggregation and judgement process?


  2. I am very interested in using sortition in web. For instance to use it to designate impermanent moderators in Discord.

    BTW I started to use Mastodon instead of Twitter. It has MANY advantages + open source + decentralize. Follow me on I might interest the kleroterians.


  3. @hjhofkirchner There is a voting system in place, where other users can vote on the relevancy of a given claim. Also, claims are moderated and need to be approved. This avoids trolling and gives a focus on clarity and structure.

    This way of presentation can help in introducing someone new to a topic. They can, very systematically, see what arguments there are on both sides, in an eyeblink.

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  4. Relevance times votes, added up, could aggregate I suppose?


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