Pache: Make democracy great again

Charlie Pache, a Swiss sortition activist, has a recent TEDx talk titled Make democracy great again in which he offers his audience a system of single-issue allotted citizen panels.

3 Responses

  1. This was lame alas.

    A typical TED talk. The guy may have something to say – who knows, but not after sticking so closely to the TED script.


  2. Heh. Yes – like in other media, at TED the medium is a major part of the message. That said, I don’t think this talk is devoid of content. (Much of which I don’t agree with, BTW.)


  3. […] appointing judges by lot is under way in Switzerland. Charlie Pache, a Swiss sortition activist, promotes single issue allotted citizen panels. Academic conferences about sortition were held in Belgium and […]


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