The 2019 Annual Meeting of the European Political Science Association (EPSA) will be held on 20-22 June in Belfast next year. I’m organizing the Political Theory panels for this meeting. I know there are plans afoot to organize one on sortition and related democratic institutions, as well as another democratic theory panel (on epistemology and democracy). Unfortunately, the deadline is a bit tight–17 December. (I meant to post about this earlier, but was distracted by other matters. Apologies.)

If you might be interested in joining one of these panels, please drop me a line ASAP. (Or just go ahead and propose a paper–I can add you to a panel later.) The website for the meeting is at



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  1. I’ll be in Europe around then so could make it. How do I drop you a line? You can drop me a line on ngruen at Gmail

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  2. I am not European but USA citizen living in Belize. I would be happy to be on a panel concentrating on starting small with political changes in villages and working up instead of butting heads with the power and money structure of today.


  3. That’s great. Feel free to make the submission yourself, and I can try to place you on a panel afterwards. Or, if you’d like to try and join one of the panels in formation, just drop me a line. You can reach me at stone1936 at gmail.


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