Sortition in France – discussion and application

Discussion and application of sortition continue to be very active in the Francophone world. Here are some recent examples:

Guyancourt: “Décidons ensemble” [“Let’s decide together”] are forming their list of candidates for the municipal elections by knocking on door number 20 in each street.

From the Popular initiative to sortition: the responses to the crisis of representation – a discussion with Yves Sintomer, Dimitri Courant, and Clément Mabi.

Random interactions in the Chamber: How allocating legislators’ seats at random affects their behavior.

Allotting candidates for the Paris municipal elections.

An allotted citizen council in Sion, Switzerland will publish positions on the propositions on the Swiss ballot.

2 Responses

  1. Nice summary Yoram, and interesting developments. It’s important to point out that “le RIC,” or national citizens’ initiative, is a CORE demand of the Yellow Vest movement, and one of the few that has NOT been addressed by a gesture from Macron.

    p.s. I plan to post some new developments in Germany and the German speaking part of Belgium, that I haven’t seen here or in the English language web yet

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  2. About allocation of seats at random, an historical note.
    *** The random allocation of seats was a rule, in 4th century Athens, for the Council (permanent allotted body).
    *** Such a rule against faction development was not needed for juries, of one-day duration only.

    NB There was some rule of this kind issued during the French Revolution (I have no data at hand)


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