2019 review – statistics

Below are some statistics about the tenth year of Equality-by-Lot. Comparable numbers for last year can be found here.

2019 Page views Posts Comments
Jan 3,353 11 93
Feb 3,372 8 125
Mar 4,681 9 129
Apr 3,740 12 70
May 4,056 8 95
June 3,546 10 160
July 3,319 10 159
Aug 3,589 8 122
Sept 4,002 7 109
Oct 5,041 10 129
Nov 4,535 9 102
Dec (to 25th) 3,605 9 53
Total 46,839 111 1,346

Note that page views do not include visits by logged-in contributors – the wordpress system does not count those visits.

Posts were made by 16 authors during 2019. (There were, of course, many other authors quoted and linked to.)

There are currently 413 email and WordPress followers of this blog. In addition there are 419 Twitter followers (@Klerotarian) and 67 Facebook followers.

Searching for “distribution by lot” (with quotes) using Google returns Equality-by-Lot as the 1st result (out of “about 39,300 results”). Searching for “sortition” returns Equality-by-Lot as the 6th result (out of “about 163,000 results”) – preceded by the sortition entry at Wikipedia, links to Brett Hennig’s Sortition Foundation, and a link to Tim Dunlop’s article in the Guardian.

Happy holidays, a happy new year and a happy new decade to Equality-by-Lot readers, commenters and posters. Keep up the good fight for democracy!

5 Responses

  1. Sounds good Yoram, but I’m concerned that we are ranked after the Sortition Foundation by Google. We should consider changing the name of the site to The Sortition Forum.


  2. Yoram, I don’t know much about SEO, but would our Google ranking be improved by adding a subtitle, ie Equality by Lot: The Sortition Forum. By rights we ought to be ranked up with Wikipedia.

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  3. Does nobody share my concern that our google ranking is not as good as it might be?


  4. OK, one last attempt (deep breath). Our home page is headed Equality by Lot: the blog of the Kleroterians and the word “sortition” only appears once (tab heading What is sortition?“). So it’s surprising we feature at all in a Google search for “sortition” and once people hit the home page they are told it’s the domain of the Kleroterians, who sound akin to the inhabitants of the planet Mysteron. Why do we want to shoot ourselves in the foot? Or is it a devious attempt to lead all the traffic to Brett Hennig?

    If we’re serious about having an influence in the general sortition debate then we should do something about this. Does nobody else even care?


  5. […] Below are some statistics about the 11th year of Equality-by-Lot. Comparable numbers for last year can be found here. […]


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