Democracy Without Elections Board Selected by Lottery

A news release by Democracy Without Elections.

Directors for national board selected by lottery

The advocacy group “Democracy Without Elections” has decided to practice what it preaches and select its entire Board of Directors by lottery. Using a lottery, Democracy Without Elections ( is able to form a diverse board and include input from less active members. The new Board, with Directors from across the country, will meet online later this month.

Democracy Without Elections is a grassroots member-driven organization that promotes better decision-making across all levels of government and in organizations ranging from Boards of Directors to student government. The use of democratic lotteries to select the decision-makers coupled with deliberation as the process to make the decisions are the hallmark of the group.

The organization specifically advocates for democratic lotteries to be used to select members in legislative bodies like Congress. The group also supports making fundamental changes in the way those bodies operate: replacing lobbyists, coalitions and partisan politics with deliberation.

Democracy Without Elections is a proponent of citizens’ assemblies as well. Citizens’ Assemblies are lottery-selected deliberative groups which make recommendations to legislative bodies. Each citizens’ assembly is tasked with one challenging issue like abortion or a specific ballot initiative.

The organization has members from Alaska to Florida and from New England to California. We welcome new members who can join us at We hold monthly online meetings that include relevant guest speakers and reports from Interest Groups.

3 Responses

  1. We are building an association in France on this principle. To build an association you need to write a document called the “status” (in French here

    I translate here the three most important paragraphs:

    – Goal
    Promote sortition to guarantee collaborative discussions and decisions. Our first exploratory field is the association itself.

    – Directors board
    Nominated using sortition among its members. Renewed every year or less, two mandates maximum.

    – Its power
    Accredit an adhesion: need at least two members of the board
    Ban an adherent: needs unanimity
    Change the status / customs : needs 3/4 of the board

    We also have a set of customs:
    – Guidance to write reports
    – How to use visio tools / organize meetings
    – How to sort

    Your input would be very appreciated. And don’t hesitate to spread the news to your French acquaintances, we look for members.


  2. Also what are the powers of this board?


  3. Both David Grant and Jonathan Crock who are on the board are occasional commenters on this blog, so maybe they can share their experiences as directors.


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