The Trouble with Elections: with Terry Bouricius

This interview for the first edition of the Democracy Creative TV series is an hour and twenty minutes long. The focus is why elections are a poor tool for running a democracy and why civic lotteries would be better. This isn’t the ideal outreach piece because the introduction highlights my leftist political background. But the bulk of the interview is useful analysis for anybody.

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  1. Great interview, Terry!

    (Regarding your “leftist political background” – I don’t think this is a problem. Bernie Sanders is widely appreciated as the exceptional honest politician who really does care about the people, so working with him is probably a plus in terms of initial response.)

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  2. This is (for me) by far the best contribution to this subject in this blog. Thanks a lot!


  3. […] this year on Equality-by-Lot included items from South Africa, the UK: 1, 2, the US: 1, 2 3, 4, 5, 6, Australia, Malaysia, Texas, US, France, Ireland, Utah, US, California, US, Pakistan, Pennsylvania, […]


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