Using sortition to select Board Directors

Democracy Without Elections uses sortition to select all directors of its governing board since the beginning, December 2020. Are there any other boards that exclusively use sortition? Is sortition used to choose members of governing bodies in nonprofits, education or business anywhere else? Are there examples of using sortition to select some members?

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  1. It’s good to see DWE practice what you preach. I can’t think of any other e.g.’s at the moment. EXCEPT, interestingly, the CIR legislation in Oregon used a sample of former CIR Jury participants to serve on the CIR Commission (reviewing future CIRs). It is Oregon public law, so you can look it up. I believe 8/11 commissioners were to be former jurors. Too bad that the oligarchy / duopoly in Oregon decided to NOT fund CIRs. Funny how western governments always find $ for cops & war but NOT for things people want.


  2. Glad you ask.
    This French association
    developped a cheap an very robust way
    To sort its directory board,
    Problem: we are around ten people
    We discussed this idea with Brett Henning around 2017 problem raised at the time: many countries require an election of the board
    My solution: everybody agree beforehand to vote for the sorted list.
    Great if you can interest people about the use of sortition in the executive domain!


  3. This two other posts mighy be useful

    Lille en comme’un

    (from an old blog) and this one too
    Happy if people use the work to do the kind of thing you want to do. Sorting from a hat can be very prone to falsification


  4. Follow!

    Thanks, Owen.


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