Seminar: CAs instead of elections?

Democracy Without Elections is sponsoring a seminar titled “Citizens’ Assemblies and Lottery Selection as the Democratic Alternative to Elections.” It will be led by Terry Bouricius who, along with David Schecter, developed the nested assemblies model that was the basis for their implementation in the Ostbelgien region of Belgium. Topics include:

  • Why elections don’t work
  • History of democratic lotteries (sortition)
  • Why replacing elections with lotteries does not work
  • Transition possibilities from elections to lotteries
  • Using lotteries in boards, co-ops, condo associations, etc.

In this 4 hour seminar, you can review what you know and deepen your knowledge. Invite other folks who may be interested!

It will be held on Saturday 8 April at 12:30pm Eastern, 9:30 am Pacific, 6:30 pm Central Europe. Sign up here in advance.

4 Responses

  1. Is this an online / Zoom… seminar?


  2. Yes, it is online.


  3. So elections don’t work and replacing elections with lotteries doesn’t work either, but the seminar will examine the transition possibilities from elections to lotteries (even though neither option works)?


  4. More generally, what sort of seminar has topics like: “Why xxx does not work”? All the seminars I have attended are based on open enquiry, rather than what would appear to be an a priori conclusion. Rather than a seminar this sounds more like a consciousness raising event.


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