Sortition in The Economist

Jorge Cancio emails:

fyi: Ancient Athens online – are we getting mainstream?

3 Responses

  1. I’ve left a comment as: And don’t forget our own House of Lords. Instead of the dubious proposal to elect them, why not a true cross-section of the people?

    Just such an idea was put forward by Barnett and Carty in ‘The Athenian Option’ (2008, Imprint Academic).
    (well done Yoram for spotting this)


  2. Deliberative democracy is a vague term. Is this on purpose to keep the idea of sortitioned representation confusing?

    Words used are extremely important.

    I’ll continue to talk about sortitioned democratic representation.


  3. I agree, Ronald – but of course being vague or even deliberately confusing is quite typical for elite media discussion of democracy.


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