The Common Lot — twenty years from now

Then and Now and What’s Ahead: An “Un-Common” Interview With Sortitionist David Grant in the year 2030.

A look back and a look forward from the perspective of the year 2030 when sortitional selection of a Citizen Chamber in the U.S. Congress will have been recently instituted.

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  1. Finally got around to reading this. So you have an unpublished novel and screenplay on sortition sitting around? Given the increasing interest in lotteries, I’d be surprised if you couldn’t now find a publisher for one or the other. (Money for a movie would still probably be tough.)

    I’m a little unclear on your own personal approach. So you have a for-profit lobbying company dedicated to this topic? I would think that the obvious problem with this is that you would only make money if you could attract a ton of cash from people who want lobbying done for this, and people rarely give a ton of cash unless they stand to make money from the fruits of your lobbying. And I can’t see anyone who stands to make tons of money from enacting a citizen legislature. Virtually every “good government” group I can think of (Public Citizen, Common Cause, etc.) is a nonprofit for this reason, and they get real tangible benefits (like tax exempt status) for this reason. Just my two cents (and I should add I’ve never run a for-profit or nonprofit company).


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