Which actors for each activity?

In a recent post, I proposed a generic set of activities for a legislative process, as an aide to conversations about design. After getting some useful feedback from Jorge, Yoram and Keith, the structure now looks like this:

1.     Choosing issues to write bills for
1.1.  Choosing values and goals for the polity
1.2.  Choosing and revising categories of issues
1.3.  Reviewing current legislation and its outcomes against values and goals
1.4.  Proposing issues in each category to write bills for
1.5.  Deciding which issues to write bills for
2.     Writing bills
2.1.  Developing and revising objectives and criteria for bills
2.2.  Reviewing and accepting objectives and criteria for bills
2.3.  Developing and revising alternative bill “designs”
2.4.  Reviewing and accepting bill “designs”
2.5.  Writing and revising the language of bills
2.6.  Reviewing and accepting the language of bills
3.     Voting on finalized bills
3.1.  Education about issues and bills (learning by the decision makers)
3.2.  Advocacy (by advocates, arguing for and against bills)
3.3.  Deliberation (among decision makers, after hearing arguments)
3.4.  Voting on bills

I would like to ask anyone in this forum – especially those of you who have made specific proposals — which actors you would propose to carry out each of these activities (for example, an allotted chamber, an elected legislature, a single-purpose allotted “panel,” the whole electorate, etc.). I’m hoping to arrange your answers side by side in a matrix, like this:

Activity Actors  proposed by person 1 Actors  proposed by person 2
Activity 1
Activity 2
Activity 3

I think that if we could see everyone’s ideas about “who would do what” side by side, it would be much easier to see where we agree and where we disagree.

Are you willing to do this? And if so, what would be the most convenient way? I’ve created a Google doc that you could fill in, with columns written in for Terry, John, Jorge, Yoram, and Keith so far. Anyone else can simply log in, add your name in a new column, and fill in the actors that you’re proposing. Or, if you don’t use Google docs, I could send you a spreadsheet to fill out (please leave a comment below).

One other thing – if you disagree with my list of legislative activities, please feel free so say so, and to suggest improvements!

Call for 2011 review input

As we did last year (1, 2), I would like to create a post or two summarizing the sortition- and distribution-by-lot-related developments of 2011 and the activity here on Equality-by-Lot.

Please use the comments to give your input on what you think are the most mention-worthy events or essays of the past year.