Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained: The True Meaning of Democracy

Has anyone come across this new book by Arthur Robbins:

At a time when people around the world are rising up to demand self-determination and Americans are locked in debate about the role of government in society, PARADISE LOST, PARADISE REGAINED: The True Meaning of Democracy offers a fresh look at what democratic governance really means.

The story begins in ancient Athens and then turns to Rome and the Italian City States. Democracy in the United States, prior to the signing of the Constitution, is explored in detail. There is a section devoted to the effects of war on emergent democracy in the Middle Ages and in France at the time of the Revolution. The book concludes with a review of recent experiments in democracy, especially in India and Latin America.

Early Americans have much to teach us. We study some of the essays, letters, and articles written by the Anti-Federalists, those who were opposed to ratification of the Constitution. They were articulate and impassioned on the subject of democracy. They understood the nature of political power and of those who would abuse it.

We revisit one of the most democratic moments in American history. In 1776, the people of Pennsylvania, ordinary folk who felt their government was not fulfilling its social responsibility, wrote their own constitution with no experts to guide their pen. By studying the form of government they created and considering the process that put it in place, we get an inside look at how democracy really works.

Democracy: What does it mean? Why does it matter? The answers to these two critical questions are to be found in PARADISE LOST, PARADISE REGAINED: The True Meaning of Democracy. Writing in 1776, Thomas Paine made a simple observation that applies as well today as we begin the transition from oligarchy to democracy: “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”

This eye-opening, earth-shaking book takes us on an engrossing trip through ancient, medieval and modern history. We see how 21st century oligarchs, in their quest for power, have taken an important concept like democracy and emptied it of its true meaning.

“Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained by Arthur Robbins is a fresh, torrential shower of revealing insights and vibrant lessons we can use to pursue the blessings and pleasures of a just society through civic efforts that are not as difficult as we have been led to believe.” — Ralph Nader

2 Responses

  1. Hard to find out much about the book online. Amazon lists the publisher as Acropolis Books. But this is apparently not the Acropolis Books based in California which publishes spiritual books (and is the first hit on a google search for “Acropolis Books”). Instead, it’s Acropolis Books New York, which may or may not be the same as the bookstore of that name in Manhattan. Still, the book’s own website features blurbs by Ralph Nader, Vandana Shiva, and Michael Parenti. Perhaps HPT should consider commissioning a review?


  2. Good idea. Will try and blag a free review copy.


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