David Halevy: What is true democracy?

David Halevy, a resident of British Columbia, Canada, advocates for replacing elections with sortition in a series of three videos:

3 Responses

  1. He’s not the only British Columbian with something to say on sortition:


  2. Hi Mike,

    Good to hear from you again – how have things been with you? We last heard from you (I believe) a-propos the People’s Senate Party.

    Do you think you could reach out to David Halevy and see if he wants to join forces with us?


  3. Just finished watching this. Hmmm…not really in love with the analysis of Classical Athens. Was the Boule ever called the Council of Demos? And while Athens may have had about 30,000 citizens, I don’t believe all of them would have been “registered” for the Boule. I also don’t think the Boule had any kind of veto over the Strategoi, the Assembly, or anything else. And just what is the “Economic Council”–never heard of that. Finally, has anybody ever heard that story about Easter Island before? I haven’t heard very much about the decline of that civilization, admittedly, but I’ve never heard it blamed on labour unions before!


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