Sortition 2013

Has anyone seen this yet? It appears to be about a week old and be tied to an online petition.

Anyone familiar with Scottish politics, please share your thoughts.

4 Responses

  1. I wish he hadn’t’ used this terminology:

    “to move from representative democracy to direct democracy.”

    Still, his heart’s in the right place.


  2. A reviewer says as follows about Scarborough’s show:

    In Sortition, young performance artist Adam J Scarborough – dressed like a sleek contemporary politician on a party conference platform – offers the idea that widespread public alienation from politics might be addressed if all power was devolved to community councils elected by drawing lots. There’s bit of vox pop filmed in Buchanan Street, and a lot of repetition, as if Scarborough was having trouble moving the ideas forward; followed by a discussion with the audience about a show that identifies some well-observed problems with 21st century democracy, but seems ambivalent about its own possible solution.


  3. Thank, Anonymous.


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