Call for 2013 review input

As in the past years (2012, 2011, 2010), I would like to create a post or two summarizing the sortition- and distribution-by-lot-related developments of the year and the activity here on Equality-by-Lot.

Please use the comments to give your input on what you think are the most mention-worthy events or essays of the past year.

7 Responses

  1. I think the fact that a discussion of sortition is entering the mainstream in Belgium is significant.


  2. Terry,

    Yes – I was also thinking that this may be the most important sortition-related news of 2013. Louis, Chouard and Van Reybrouck could be pushing sortition into the public discussion in Belgium. Do you know about how wide is the exposure to the idea in Belgium?


  3. Yoram,

    In correspondence with David Van Reybrouck he says he has been getting a lot of attention for his book with interviews in all the major newspapers. Much of the response has been positive, with the negative (and even angry) reactions coming mainly from those you would expect — party leaders, senior political journalists and establishment power holders. His book will be translated and published in France next year.


  4. Iceland’s Constitution, mixed news as that was; Landemore’s “Democratic Reason” also represents the “mainstreamization” of sortition; the Sortition 2013 blog/theatre event in Scotland(?)


  5. Ahmed – can you provide some more details on Iceland’s constitution and on Landemore’s book? I don’t believe we discussed those here.


  6. In Greece, a popular initiative for changing the constitution by the citizens has started. The project is presented here:

    A pilot Constitutional Workshop is presented here:


  7. Hi Antonis,

    Thanks for letting us know. Please let us know how things develop – good luck!


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