Discussions of sortition in German?

Does anyone know of organizations, publications or websites that discuss sortitional selection of legislatures in German?

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  1. In the Buchstein interview I learned, among other things, about the influence of Egypt on Athenian use of lottery. And about how the Swedish parliament had used lottery to tie-break in the 1960’s. And about the proposal for EU: a House of Lots. Excellent interview, nicely broken into segments.

    The http://www.histinst... entry shows the wooden kleroterions built and used by students.

    THANKS for the references.


  2. > the influence of Egypt on Athenian use of lottery

    What’s this?


  3. Buchstein talks about how the totally religious use of divinatory lottery in dynastic Egypt influenced Greeks living there who took the concept back to Athens where it was extended to political use (in addition to also continuing in the Greek religious sphere).


  4. I don’t know why that reply regarding Egypt came up as from ‘anonymous’. — David Grant [probably I hadn’t signed in]


  5. Criteria and two proposals for the use of sortition in politics. (the paper is translated in German)

    1 – Basic Criteria
    2 – Sampling System
    3 – Number of citizens appointed by sortition
    4 – Time the panel of citizens appointed by sortition is active
    5 – Right to Decide
    6 – Manipulation
    7 – Special applications
    8 – cost – used sampling system / type of representation – outcome

    – Proposition I – proportional system:
    As a transition arrangement to a fully valued democracy, the citizens decide on a balance of power between the ‘Legislative Citizens Jury’ selected by sortition and the ‘Elected Representatives’.
    At ‘free’ elections, the citizens can cast a vote for the ‘Legislative Citizen Jury selected by Sortition’ as well as for a ‘candidate’ or a ‘political party’.

    – Proposition II – two Chamber system:
    The possibility to install a ‘Second Chamber’, appointed by sortition, will be submitted for referendum to all the citizens of the European Union, or approval by representative institutions .
    This ‘Second Chamber’, appointed by sortition, is installed at European level next to the elected ‘European Parliament’. This second Chamber is called the ‘European Citizens’ Jury’.

    The ‘European Citizens’ Jury’ has, if summoned, a veto right for all the decisions of the ‘European Parliament’ which has to be motivated.

    Click to access 152217.pdf

    http://blogimages.seniorennet.be/democratie/attach/152218.pdf Français
    http://blogimages.seniorennet.be/democratie/attach/152219.pdf Nederlands
    http://blogimages.seniorennet.be/democratie/attach/152220.pdf English

    Both propositions are in compliance with our criteria. Of course, the second chamber proposition can be used at every level of government and both systems (proportional and second Chamber) can be mixed.


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