Sortition proposals in Spanish?

Does anyone here know of a list of sortition proposals in Spanish?

¿Sabe alguien donde podría encontrar una lista de propuestas sobre el sorteo en español?

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  1. This is a new proposal that you can add to the list (which does not yet exist, as far as I know): htpps://


  2. There is a problem right now with the site, please try later — if it does not get solved in a while, I will publish my proposal somewhere else. By the way, there was an omission in the URL that I posted before: it should be https://n-1,cc/g/ruptura_de_contrato.


  3. Thank you, Arturo. I wasn’t able to access the site, but I’ll try again later.


  4. For those who do not read Spanish, I will try a brief description here.

    In order to implement a meaningful sortition-based system (meaningful as not merely with an advisory role but with real decision-making power), the worst practical problem we will face will be convincing half the population plus one that this is indeed a good idea. That is a huge amount of inertia to overcome. The only way to circumvent this obstacle, from my point of view, is a mixed system in which election and sortition coexist in the same legislative chamber. In which proportion? That is the key question, and the only original contribution I could claim if I cared (mixed systems have been proposed long before).

    The answer is built upon the individual right to political participation deriving from the social contract (Rousseau). Every citizen can choose to exerce that personal right either by voting for a representative or by an equivalent chance of being sorted. In this way, sortitioners do not impose their choice on others, who can go on voting as they are used to do. Conversely, opposing the free choice of sortitioners is clearly an imposition of a particular way of exercing their right to political participation — one way that they do not prefer. As Rousseau wrote, et d’où cent qui veulent un maître ont-ils le droit de voter pour dix qui n’en veulent point?

    At the end of the day, the proportion between elected representatives and alloted citizens within the legislative chamber will vary at every renewal depending on the amount of people opting for either the vote of the chance to be sorted. Although the latter option could be considered to be the implicit choice of those who simply abstain of voting, I would rather have in my proposal a deliberate act by which the citizen that so whishes formally renounces to vote and chooses instead to be eligible at the lottery. Needless to say that only these will be eligible; the ones who voted will be not, since they have already exhausted their individual right to political participation by delegating it to their chosen candidate.


  5. Hi David
    Here’s an old list somebody put up a couple of years ago with a number of texts in Spanish (and other languages):


  6. There are some broken links in the list that can be replaced by these: (not a detailed proposal but a general recomendation to add sortition at the ongoing experience around the participatory budget in Porto Alegre, Brazil; the Spanish translation is very bad, even hard to understand at times if you don’t speak French).

    May I add my own article at
    It was the third installment of a series and announced a fourth one, supposed to advance concrete proposals. Those never came until a year later, under the form of the theatrical play published at (which, by the way, is working again).

    There are two political parties that have concurred at local or national elections, without much success:
    If I have understood him well, the thinking of Tomás Mancebo has significantly evolved since then.

    Finally, there are some discussions at forums that prove the great deal of interest this issue can raise among people that learn about it for the first time:


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