Sortition discussion at Occupy Democracy: Inequality and Representation

The Sortition Foundation will be holding a discussion on sortition at Occupy Democracyod-february-flyer: Inequality and Representation this weekend.

When: 4pm, Saturday 14th February

Where: Parliament Square, London

More info: Occupy Democracy 14-15 February Programme


Come along, invite your friends!

2 Responses

  1. >it is recognised that certain political parties have policies that are more in line with Occupy’s aims than others.

    That’s interesting — and there are no prizes for guessing what those policies might be. My understanding of sortition is an impartial technology for choosing political representatives. Looking at the programme for the day Occupy Democracy would appear to be a distinctly partisan organisation.


  2. I would be interested to hear from the organisers how the event went, and how the “demand” for sortition was received (and by whom).


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