The French Assembly votes to allow the CESE to convene allotted citizen bodies

Following up on Macron’s commitment to reform the CESE (Conseil économique, social et environnemental) as part of a drive toward “participative democracy”, the Assembly has voted for a law making several changes to the CESE. One of the changes is allowing the CESE to convene allotted consultative citizen bodies, modeled after the recent Citizen Climate Convention.

The conservative Républicains party voted for the reform but was displeased by the idea of using allotted bodies: “Sortition does not guarantee competence” and does not guarantee representativity either, said Julien Aubert, one of their MPs.

3 Responses

  1. Neither do elections.


  2. As election would guarantee competence… Anf when you what the French president does about the 5G (direct implementation) when the CCC specifically ask for a moratorium…

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  3. An allotted body is uniquely competent in the way that matters: it is competent to determine what are the values and interests of the sampled population. It is competent to take decisions that would represent those values and interests, while individuals bodies that are constituted in other ways are not.


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