Meeting Tuesday, April 26th, International Network of Sortition Advocates

The International Network of Sortition Advocates (INSA) will have its next meeting Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at 19:00 GMT [20:00 Europe, 21:00 Israel, 14:00 EST (2:00 PM), 6:00 AEDT].

Google Meets Link:

Agenda Items Include:

  • Report about Discord channels
  • How we should use Google Workspace
  • Discussion of Overall Strategy
  • Announcement of our platform

*Please note our desire to keep the meetings to 1-hour in length.

2 Responses

  1. fMaybe I’ll show up. But, what a God awful name you have chosen. “Sortition” and “Advocas” are not conversational words and will NEVER sell to general population. The one we came up with in Prague in 2001 was far superior: “World Direct Democracy Movement.” Sortion was a major core element of direct democracy, but we didn’t use it, nor did we use “random selection” which also leaves ordinary citizens without a clue. Dr. Ted Becker


  2. I actually like “International Network of Sortition Advocates”. I think that “direct democracy” would be a misleading name to use. This usually implies heavy reliance on mass participation and in particular on referenda.


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