The End of Elections?

The convergence of advances in technology and research in emotions coupled to the drive to control the outcomes of elections is exposing a major problem in the United States, and possibly elsewhere. In this article I explain the problem and offer a familiar solution: citizens’ assemblies. Although not covered in the article, it indirectly offers a strong reason why our movement is running out of time.

We are moving toward a world where enough personally identifiable emotion data is becoming available to profile and subtly shape the thinking of a wide range of voters, which would give control of the outcomes of elections to those who own our data. This election singularity is almost invisible and, on the individual level, easily dismissed with a claim that “I won’t be influenced in this way.”

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  1. Hi Owen,

    Your article is reminiscent of the “Cambridge Analytica scandal” of 2018. It was then argued that various nefarious forces were able to manipulate voters into voting for “the wrong candidate” and that “we”, responsible, well informed guardians of democracy, must stop those enemies of democracy. This notion must be rejected.

    This line of argument is in fact anti-democratic and must be rejected. When we argue against elections and for sortition, we must be careful to accurate locate the root of the problem. Otherwise, not only may we very well find ourselves outmaneuvered by the enemies of democracy, but we risk becoming enemies of democracy ourselves.

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