The Looking at Democracy contest has opened public

The Looking at Democracy contest has opened public voting until 16 May. I have three 3-minute video entries promoting sortition. Please vote for one.

Towards a Two Legged Democracy

Making Democracy Real – The argument for legislative juries

Making Democracy Reality

4 Responses

  1. I worked with some folks at the NewDemocracy Foundation and also submitted a sortition video in the Looking At Democracy competition. It is a beautiful music video. It is more “artsy” than a lecture. Give it a look.


  2. website to share!


  3. The third was definitely the most powerful for me, but I fear that’s because I’m already very familiar with Sortition. It needs a screen at the beginning that says something like “Imagine if our Congress were really us, chosen at random…”

    The second is the next most impactful – very simple message, well driven home.

    Thanks for making them. I’ll spread them around.

    Coheartedly, Tom


  4. I agree with Tom. The third is the most intriguing but needs a short introduction to sortition to set things up.


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