Sortition-related proposals in Belgium and Switzerland

In Belgium, Christie Morreale, a senator, proposes a Peonidisesque scheme where blank votes would be translated into allotted MPs.

In Switzerland “Génération nomination” is starting to collect signatures for putting its sortition-related proposal on the ballot. According to the proposal, 50 out of the 200 members of the Swiss national council would be selected by lot.

3 Responses

  1. I predict, if this went through (it won’t) there would be two classes of Parlamentarians. One just being the idiots for the others.

    I know this situation from a large company which I ran. We had legally prescribed Employee Supervisory Board members. What happens is the following:

    First the “real” Supervisory Board meets, discusses and decides. Then an “official” Supervisory Meeting is held, where all decisions were prepared. No discussion, just raising of hands. After 10 Minutes all is over.

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  2. I think there may be some important differences. For example, employees have more fear of the consequences of going against their bosses. And in a public parliament it would be a little harder to have these “real” meetings apart…


  3. […] Sortition was also discussed, again and again in French media. Proposals for using sortition in Belgium and Switzerland received some […]


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