An Australian local community co-op allots board members

The Kyneton and District Town Square Co-op is an organization that was formed in order to manage a piece of land for community use. It has announced that three of the co-op’s board members will be allotted. (It seems that there are 4 additional board members who were elected.) The process is handled by a Sydney-based consultancy named ‘Deliberately Engaging’.

One Response

  1. There is a disconnect between the title of this piece and the actual process involved, whereby members of the public are encouraged to nominate [themselves] for the ballot. The only difference between this and conventional elections is that nobody gets to choose between the self-selecting candidates (likely to be highly dissimilar from typical citizens) putting themselves forward for office. This is an extreme example of the corruption of sortition currently being discussed on the Delanoi thread and indicates why we need to emphasise the incompatibility of sortition and any form of voluntarism.


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